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Well there! I'm back! I'm sorry for not updating the site for almost a year... I'll put more time into the site now, I promise. Today, I felt like listening to some music on this site, so I went to the audio page when I noticed a mistake in my coding. So, I went to fix that one little mistake and ended up fixing a lot of other things that I missed and adding two new pages! The Flash and Lab pages are finally up! Sure, they're far from full, but I'm only putting worthy Flashes on the site from now on. So, go enjoy those two pages and be sure to read my new news post! It's an update of what's going on around Bubbleman4. I'll get the BBS up soon, and then all the pages will finally be set up! Yay! Oh, and, in other news, I'm thinking about getting some employees lol... I can't do this alone! Well, I can, and I have been for the past 3 years, but it gets tiresome having to do all the work lol. I'm thinking one or two other people to help would be great. I just need to find someone I know who knows web design, web programming, or Flash... well, eventually.

If you find a bug, please e-mail a description of it to support@bubbleman4.com, or leave it in a comment on the news page. There probably are some bugs I don't know about, and I probably don't know about them because I'm either lazy or tired. I had to program EVERY SINGLE PART of this website from scratch in Notepad, except for Flash movies of course. That's a lot of code to deal with, and I may not be able to look through it all and find minor bugs. So it would mean a lot if you told me about them. :D


Last updated 8/11/2008

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